Thermodynamics (2nd Class) (Sept 29,2017)

The equivalent evaporation of a boiler from and at 100C is 10.4 kg steam per kg of fuel.  The calorific value of the fuel is 29800 kj/kg.  Determine the efficiency of the boiler.  If the boiler produces 15000 kg steam an hour at 2400 kPa from feed water at 40C, and fuel consumption is 1650 kg/hr, determine the condition of the steam produced

Applied Mechanics  (2nd class)

A body begins to slide down a rough plane at 25 degrees.  If the weight of the body is 50N, find the horizontal force required to haul it up the plane with uniform speed

Ans: 59.6N

Last Weeks Question:

The spring of a safety can be compressed 0.625cm by a load of 1600N. When the safety is adjusted for service the spring is compressed by 0.8125cm. The combined weight of the spring spindle and valve disk is 37N. The effective diameter of the valve disk seat is 3.25cm.

Calculate is the pressure in the vessel with the safety valve opens

ANS- 2551.89 kPa

Previous questions:

A 100 kg pipe 5m long is lifted by two slings on unequal length suspended from a hook on the lifting device. When the pipe is just clear of the floor the short sling makes an angle of 70 degrees with the pipe and the pipe makes an angle of 55 degrees with the floor. Find the following:

1.length of each sling

2.load on each sling

1. 1.48m, 4.70m  2.  298.59N, 948.66N

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